Tips for Good Health While on the Road

As a touring musician, playing in different cities every night, it is not always easy to get to a gym and get in the required amount of exercise to stay in good physical shape. Still, this is no excuse to not exercise at all. There are lots of innovative ways to get in quick and effective workouts even when there is no gym in sight. I share some of my best tips below:

Take the gym with you

Exercise need not be expensive or cumbersome. There are so many other options to choose from. When on the go, portable exercise equipment such as yoga mats, skipping ropes and exercise bands can provide you with a challenging and effective workout while on the road. Jump ropes allow for a great cardio option right from the comfort of your hotel room for example, while your yoga mat and resistance band can provide strength and resistance training using efficient muscle toning and body sculpting exercises.

Use the available technology resources

With mobile devices being increasingly powerful, convenient and available, one can take exercise and fitness on the road with them. All that is needed is perhaps a data service or WiFi, your favorite mobile device (tablet or smartphone) to start. There are countless exercise videos on YouTube that one can use. Some videos are longer than others, and the kinds of exercises offered up varies greatly. As such, you can choose exercise videos that are perfectly suited to your tastes and the amount of time you have available.

Another useful resource is that of apps. Like YouTube, there are lots of free and minimal cost fitness apps to choose from. One of my favorite apps offers up a 7-minute circuit workout that I love. The exercises are challenging and quick. If you want you can repeat the sequence to bump up your workout to about 14mins.

Use the resources of you surroundings

As a musician on the road, we often play gigs in cities where the surroundings are beautiful and conducive to getting in a quick workout. For example, there may be a nice park not too far from your hotel or place of accommodation, use it to go for a quick jog or brisk walk. If your hotel had a wellness center or gym (or one is nearby and it’s not too expensive), you may use this option too. Finally, even if you have none of the above available at your disposal (including suggestions 1 and 2), if there is ample space in your room, you can do a few reps of your favorite exercises – like push ups, crunches, jumping jack’s and so forth.

Exercise and beyond

Of course, exercise is not the only aspect of maintaining good health. Truth be told, eating well while on the road can be even harder than getting in the necessary exercise. Be sure to eat as well as you can on the road, carrying multivitamins with you and drinking lots of water. Avoid processes, sugary foods like sodas and snacks as much as possible.

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Published on: April 22, 2016

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