The Responsibility to Give Back to Your Community

Being a musician is fun. Just think about this for a minute. You are a singer who has millions of loyal fans across the globe. You have won a number of awards already and this motivates you to work harder to please your fans. However, I can tell you that life is not a breeze. Success is an enormous responsibility in the sense that you are a role model. Many people look up to you and you cannot afford to fail them. In any case, one of the best things about being successful is that you have the resources to give back to the community.

In my own case, I am blessed to be a successful Haitian musician but I am based in Miami, Florida. I perform all over Europe and North America and I get paid in US dollars and Euros for my efforts. Unfortunately, my native Haiti is not exactly the richest country in the world. Infant mortality is high, infrastructure is not as good as it should be and a devastating earthquake destroyed a large part of the country. There is no point in listing all the problems of Haiti here. The important thing is that there are things I can do to help my country and these are the things I want to talk about in this article.


The first thing I did in my mission to give back to the society was to mentor a number of young and less privileged members of my community. I bought musical instruments for these youths and enrolled them in a musical school where they were taught vocals, drums, key board, guitar and other instruments. Today, some of those young men are successful musicians in their own right.

Unfortunately, this was like a drop of water in an arid desert. It was not enough even though it was a beginning. At this point, I realized that there is a limit to what one person (me) can do and I decided to partner with other like-minded people.

Partnership with reputable organizations

A tree can never make a forest and this saying is perfectly applicable to giving back to the community. In my own case, I recognized my limits and this is why I had to partner with reputable NGOs to help my people. One Organization had a scholarship scheme for economically disadvantaged but brilliant students. In this case, it was a pleasure to work with these smart children. Today, some of them are medical doctors, some are engineers and a few are successful business owners.

Infrastructural development

A number of Haitian bankers, soccer stars and musicians (including yours truly) pooled their resources together and provided boreholes and solar panels to a few communities in Haiti. Today, the people there have safe drinking water and solar-powered electricity.

Final word

As stated already, being a success is fun but it comes with a huge responsibility. The good thing is that you do not have to do it all alone. Recognize the needs of people in your community and meet some of those needs. Get other people involved and spread the word. Put a smile on the faces of people in your community. Altruism is great for your soul and great for your life and those around you!

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