6 Must-Have Apps for Musicians

Between studio sessions, gigs, trying to balance music with “real” life, as well as all of the inner-workings of business can be a real crap-shoot. Regardless of where I am in the world, I do my best to stay connected with my friends, family, and fans. The following are some of my favorite phone apps. These have helped to connect me with others, as well as to make life a little easier. I hope you get a lot of value out of it!


Some of the best songs come to you at the most unexpected times… at the bar mid-curly-fries, in the gym mid-lift and on the sidewalk mid-step. Evernote makes it easy to jot down lyrics, chords and ideas on the go. The best part of Evernote is that there is a desktop and a mobile app. The two sync anytime you make an update, making this app one of the most seamless applications for keeping your creative on-the-go moments all in one clean space.


Twitter was the new Facebook. Snapchat is the new Instagram… I know – its confusing. Snapchat is so popular right now that you simply cannot afford to not be a part of it. Capitalizing on the next big thing is incredibly important, especially when you are catering to a young audience who is always on the lookout for fresh social platforms.


Stay in touch with your fans, tweet new set list teasers and connect with other musicians with a Twitter account for yourself or your band. Some musicians are notorious for disliking social media. It takes too much time away from getting down to business. However, quick and effective, Twitter is the perfect app for the band who would rather be making music than stuck on social media for hours… 140 characters and you’re off. 10 seconds tops. For days when you want to keep it simple, post a pic with a few hashtags and you can go on about your day.


If you are not utilizing Instagram yet, you are really missing out on a gold mine. Post photos of your underground gigs, or give fans a peek inside the studio. Showing fans those raw, midnight sessions that no one knows exist… A picture is worth a thousand words and this intimate look into your life will draw fans closer, helping them see a little glimpse as to what an average day is like.


HootSuite is an invaluable marketing tool and many well known publications have named it one of the best on the market. This app offers a convenient social media dashboard, allowing you to monitor activity, post updates and take measure of your social media tools. It is one of the few apps that allows you to schedule your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ posts all in one place. You will also find analytics here to keep up with followers, clicks and traffic to let you know how you are doing… best of all, you can do it all from bed, the passenger seat or on the go.


Press releases are a great way to get your next CD release noticed. However, putting out a press release can be pretty expensive – especially for smaller, local bands. For $179, iReach helps you to get your press release out to 1,000 websites, including PR News, a recognized industry authority.

Keeping your career running smoothly behind the scenes does not have to be exhausting. There is plenty of apps on the market that can help managing it all just a little easier, helping you to focus less on how you’ll ever get it all done… and more on making music!

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Published on: April 29, 2016

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