June, 2016

  • Tips for Good Sleep While on the Road

    Sleeping at home is bliss. But when out on a trip with friends and family or in case I’m out touring, it often involves hotel stays, and satisfactory sleep can be hard to come by. The first couple of nights are usually the most difficult to get past. We understand many people have such sleeping issues when on the road; and have therefore come up with the following tips for some slumber glory.

    Check Hotel Amenities

    Some level of research and preparation can ensure even your first night at the hotel is comfortable. First, make sure you don’t book a hotel you know nothing about. Look up the hotel online – on its official website, review sites, etc. Learn where the hotel is located and whether it’s undergoing or has scheduled any renovation on the date of your stay.

    For instance, I don’t prefer hotels situated close to an airport or busy streets. But if there aren’t any quality hotels away from the busy areas, you can always request for rooms not adjacent to streets, or away from all the construction noise. Also, ask for extra pillows and extra blankets, if required.

    Pack Smart

    If you know the exact location of your hotel, you’ll have a much better idea about what and what not to pack into your travel bag. Regardless of how quiet or busy the hotel locale is, never travel without a sleep mask. If you don’t have the mask, buy one right away.

    The mask you buy should be thick enough to block out all the light, but not too heavy to pressurize your eyes and break you into sweat. Usually, the best sleep masks are made of nylon – the material is light, but thick enough, and also quite inexpensive.

    Get a travel pillow on-board too. The pillows you get at hotels may not be soft or hard enough, or you may not like the fabric. You can also use the pillow on the plane or when at a friend’s house. Also, pack in a pair of high-quality earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

    Pillows and Sheets

    We’ve already touched upon lugging a travel pillow. But if your travel bag has some more space, get your regular bedroom pillow instead. A standard pillow may sound like an unnecessary baggage, but you’ll thank me later once you realize how much better your nights were with the pillow, in an unfamiliar environment.

    If a pillow from your house still doesn’t sound right, try taking pillowcases instead. These cases would make any pillow in the world familiar, provided you put these cases on them. And not to mention, pillowcases would take very little space. Also take your bed sheets wherever you travel. With your pillow/pillowcases and bed sheet, you can almost instantly make any hotel room feel like your own bedroom.

    If you’re not comfortable with the pillows in the hotel room, ask the management for another softer or firmer pillow – anything you prefer. Some hotels may also offer body pillows – you’ll only have to ask for them.


    The better the hotel in terms of service and infrastructure, the lesser you’d need to carry your own things. Therefore, try booking the best possible hotel within your budget. Never sacrifice good-quality sleep for a few bucks.

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  • Great Miami Music Clubs

    Stopping by the best nightclubs in Miami is important whether you are visiting Miami or going out for a local night on the town with your friends. You can’t visit Miami without visiting one of its nightclubs. The elements that make up a good club are elements such as the choice of music, food and beverages, cleanliness and clientele. The following is some information on three of the best clubs in Miami. You can choose from this list and visit the one that seems as it fits your desires for a club.

    Ball & Chain

    The Ball & Chain Nite Club is listed as one of the top 10 clubs in Miami. The club opens at 10 p.m. every day and closes at 3 a.m. Ball & Chain has a long history as a club as it has been open since 1935. The club has gotten many raving reviews on sites such as the USA Today site for its live band performances. Upcoming bands play live at this club as do legendary groups. People can also enjoy a nice Cuban meal if they get there early enough.

    The vibe at Ball & Chain appears to be a mixed vibe with people of all ages and walks of life. The club has a full bar in it as well as an exotic drink menu.

    Mynt Lounge

    Mynt Lounge will be perfect for you if you have money to burn and desire to hang out where the celebrities hang. Mynt Lounge is an upscale establishment that is on the South Beach side. The club is notorious for accommodating high rollers and celebrities. In fact, getting in is somewhat difficult for anyone who is not a high roller.

    Mynt Lounge plays a lot of modern hip-hop music and has housed performers such as R3hab, Quinto and Nervo & Friends. It’s the kind of club you go when you want chic and popular. You might notice the Paparazzi trying to get in and take pictures, but the bouncer will run them away immediately.

    Club Space

    Club Space is another popular one of the nightclubs to go if you want to see the latest celebrities and huge names. Club Space has housed entertainers such as Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Britney Spears and the like over the years. Justin Bieber would be a likely candidate for a performance or a visit at Club Space. Club Space is also place that you would want to go if you like to see a whole bunch of DJs have spin-outs. The club has a long list of amazing DJs such as Oscar G, Radamas, Boris and Cocodrills. They have a slew of DJs who give guest performances, as well. The club mostly plays dance music that visitors can move to.

    The previously mentioned nightclubs are the ones you should try first when you visit Miami. Plenty more nightclubs are available if you do not like those nightclubs. However, you will most likely be delighted by at least one of the nightclubs mentioned above.

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