May, 2016

  • My Passion: BigO Productions

    At the BigO Productions, we strive to set the standards for quality music production, concert planning and events management. Our team of talented professionals from all walks of life come together to form a formidable force that often delivers some of the most enthralling moments in people’s lives. Our doors are open to every boy or girl, man or woman who has a dream to achieve the best they can in their lifetime. We offer our services from a state of the art studios.

    Concert Planning

    Holding a successful concert requires a lot of planning and networking. Any musician or band that wishes to hold a concert locally, nationally or internationally can benefit by tapping into our resources which consists of among other things experienced personnel and elaborate networking contacts.

    We will schedule meetings and determine the best possible location to hold the concert after receiving initial instructions. Our team works around the clock to ensure that the concert’s fundamental concerns are taken care of. Some of these issues may include security, sound systems, decorations, venue preparation and transport logistics. We also carry out advertisement on behalf of our clients just so they can have peace of mind while they prepare to have their fans entertained.

    Music Production

    While many individuals have the talent to sing, they seldom achieve any success because they end up releasing poor quality music. Our facilities are equipped with some of the most modern production systems to ensure that anyone that walks into our recording studios will experience what it really feels like to make world class music.

    Our producers are highly skilled and have experience in fine tuning each piece of music to make it the true work of art it should be. The production team takes each task with dedication and a passion to succeed. Everyone knows that the success of the artist ultimately translates to the success of BigO Productions.

    Event Management

    Whether it is a public awareness event or corporate event, we have a dedicated team of experts that can handle it. Events can be large, medium or small in size depending on the purpose. Our team handles issues such as transport, seating arrangement, security, scheduling and catering related matters. Each event we undertake is unique because it is done according to the desires of the client. A representative is assigned to the client in order to coordinate everything before, during and after the event.

    Why choose BigO Productions

    Our company has a wealth of experience when it comes to the services we provide. This basically means that we have come up with the most effective strategies to handle any sort of event, concert or music production.

    We have invested in state of the art facilities to ensure that our clients are comfortable and get some of the highest quality services available in the world today. Our communication channels are open to anyone wishing to get in touch at any time. We offer some of the most competitive pricing packages on our services.

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